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September 8, 2023:

We came to the conclusion that since our Orfordville office had not had any updates to the building in over 45 years, it was time to invest in the community, create a more efficient space, and do an extensive remodel of the interior. Updating the offices, restrooms, and adding a conference room and comfortable lobby are among the changes you can expect. Safety for our employees and customers is a priority so we made the decision to close the bank entirely until completion, which is expected in early 2024. We appreciate your patience with us during this time. We plan on keeping our customers engaged by posting progress pictures along the way, so please check back for more postings. Craig O'Leary, our Executive Vice President here at Bank of Brodhead, and President of Farmers and Merchants Bank prior to the acquisition in 2019, was the last one out of the bank on Friday, September 8th. His last words ... "Bye for now." 


September 11, 2023:

With all employees relocated to the Brodhead office, the bank was finally empty of all furniture, shelving, carpet and belongings. Next ... demolition! 

September 12, 2023:

WHAT?! Demolition was almost complete when we took pictures that next day. Tarps were put up to minimize dust. 

September 13, 2023:

Wasting no time, they are working on the outside drive-up lanes and roofing. Because of safety, our ATM is closed at the moment but your Bank of Brodhead debit card has MoneyPass! An ATM with the MoneyPass message indicates a no fee ATM. There are over 40,000 no fee ATMs around the country. Bank of Brodhead and Mobil gas station, both on 1st Center Avenue in Brodhead, are close by! 

September 20, 2023:

So the ceilings are out and they're getting ready to install the studs for the new walls. Windows and all glass have been taped up or removed. Restrooms are going to go up first so plumbing can begin. More to come next week! 

October 2, 2023:

The progress continues in our Orfordville office! The workers are diligently putting up studs for the interior walls. In the first photo, you'll see the demolition in the far lane of our drive-up. They are most likely adding in the underground tubing system. The other photos are of the walls going up in our lobby area. The teller line and behind the drive-up window are being constructed. We are planning on having a digital monitor with up-to-date content streaming in our seating area. In the second row of photos you can see across the lobby looking back into where Craig O'Leary's office used to be. We are having a large conference room added along the front row of windows. We hope you're following the progress as closely as we are. Stay tuned for more this week. 


October 16, 2023:

WOW! It's coming right along. Outside, they're working on widening the Drive-Up lanes and extending the overhang to cover the additional space. Inside, electrical is beginning its initial wiring within the walls. Our Job Supervisor says that drywall will begin mid-week. The new ATM was also installed, you can see that in the very last photo. 

November 3, 2023:

It's been a couple weeks since the last update but there's been a lot of progress inside and out of our Orfordville office.  In the first row of photos, you'll see the truck delivering the drywall. and the remaining photos are of the side entrance from the parking lot. This entrance is used by the staff only but you can see that the interior is starting to shape up. In the last row of photos below, you'll see the entire bank from the southeast side looking down the length of the lobby. Drywall and taping is complete. Next, they're going to work on the plumbing, 

November 16, 2023:

It is now November 16th, and the inside of the bank is coming together as a few of the accent walls have been given their first coat of paint. The drywall and taping has been completed. The electricians were also there today putting in the security wiring for the cameras, etc. In the first photo you'll see the piles of ceiling tiles were delivered and in the middle photo, they're starting to install the metal grid for the acoustical ceilings. These guys work on stilts all day - it's pretty amazing. It looks so dark as all of the windows have been covered so the natural light is being blocked. Next week they'll start to put in the windows and the sub floor. The space is starting to look like a place of work. We are right on schedule! 

December 1, 2023:

There's lots happening in Orfordville! They have finished all of the drywall and are starting to paint accent walls, install interior windows and adding the ceiling grid, (in the first photo of the second row of pictures.) The sub floor has also been installed. The sub floor is attached to the floor joists and acts as a base for your finished flooring, such as carpet, hardwood, laminate or tile. Not only does it make installing new flooring easier, but it also makes your floors smooth to walk on. You can see into the new conference room (it's the last photo on the first row of pictures.) It's where the outside windows are still boarded up. The new conference room will have the latest technology and feel open to the outside and the inside of the bank. In the very last photo, you can see that the drive-up is complete with additional room in each of the lanes. The new drawers and cabinets were delivered, and they are awaiting their installation date. The entire space is starting to look like the planned drawings and the interior of the bank! Make sure to check back next week. 

December 7, 2023:

It has been a week and boy have they done a lot. The bathrooms are almost complete with the sink and toilet installed along with all the tiles. In the second photo you will see the cabinet for the coffee bar installed. The new coffee bar will be to your right as you enter the bank's lobby. In the third photo on the top row, are the back-office cabinets for the tellers and supplies. As you can see, we were able to create quite a bit of storage space. In the last row of photos, you can see our conference room with a glass wall in the hallway. The ceiling grid has been completed in the entire bank as well. In the last two photos, you can see that the teller line is coming together with the cabinets and counter. On the front of the teller line panels, we are having a tile inlay inserted to create interest. Above the teller line is a blue accent wall which will display historical images of the bank over the years! Come back next Friday for more. 

January 3, 2024:

It's the new year and boy do we have newness happening in Orfordville! Below are a few recent photos of the offices and hallways in our Orfordville bank. New flooring and carpet are laid. The walls are being painted and the floorboards are finally installed. We have brand new internal and exterior windows. The lighting fixtures are being added and the list goes on. In the second photo in the second row of pictures, you can see the length of the bank from one side of the teller line down to Craig's office in the righthand corner. A new conference room has been added to the center of the bank with windows all around and a coffee bar. The changes are exciting, and the staff anticipates moving in soon. We'll keep you posted as to when. We're planning an Open House for our customers and the community. 

January 18, 2024:

Well, it's been a bit but look at the progress! The remodel continues each day creating more excitement to move in. You'll see below that the finishing touches are beginning. In the first row, you can see the installation of the new bi-level water bottle filling station is ready for use and the restrooms are handicap accessible with a baby changing station. The very last photo in the top row is a small copy room with printers and a versatile desk for when other office location employees choose to work in Orfordville, they can plug in their laptop and work away as we're all on one network. In the second row of photos, you can see right into the O'Leary Conference Room, with digital display and wet bar. The other photos show the desks and hallway for our Personal Bankers. In the very last row of photos, you're looking into the front lobby at the teller line. You can see the close-up of the detailed stone that compliments the flooring and countertops. That last photo shows our Job Supervisor, Jerry from the Redmond Company, always on point for the details to keep it all moving at a great pace. Also shown is Tad from AMR Electric out of Beloit, finalizing all the plug-ins for electricity. We're getting down to the wire on our opening of the Orfordville office. We're in hopes of our first day of business being Tuesday, February 20th at 8 am. We're anticipating a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Orfordville Economic Development Group at 10 am that morning. We'll be open before we know it. 

January 23, 2024:

Signs are up!  Drive by our Orfordville location and check out the new sign on the corner!  JNB Signs installed it yesterday and you can see they light up at night, (in the last photo). We are getting closer folks!