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The Bulletin Board allows you to post your interest in buying or selling Shares. Information posted on the Bulletin Board will help identify persons who have an interest in selling Shares of Brodhead Bancshares, Inc. that you may wish to purchase, or in buying Shares you may wish to sell. Persons who list their interest on the Bulletin Board are not bound to buy or sell the Shares listed or the number of Shares listed or at the listed price. The Bulletin Board is for listing an interest only, and is not a list of binding offers to buy or sell Shares.

If you wish to post an interest to buy or sell Shares, please contact Brodhead Bancshares, Inc. at (608) 897-2121 or email You will be required to submit a posting request and consent form to Brodhead Bancshares.

If you are interested in responding to a posting on the bulletin board, please utilize the contact information provided to contact the individual who posted the offer. Postings have a date reflecting when they were posted. To maintain an up to date board, postings will be deleted annually on December 31st.

Because Brodhead Bancshares acts as transfer agent, you will be required to provide us with some information, including a Transfer Application, so that appropriate record changes can be made. Once you contact us about consummating a transaction, you will be asked to provide the appropriate information.

Last 5 Stock Sales




05/11/2023 13 $502 Yes
08/28/2023 132 $480 No
12/19/2023 10 $534 Yes
12/29/2023 32 $534 Yes
01/09/2024 5 $529

Wanting to Buy Stock

01-25-2024. S. Brian Lawrence wants to buy stock at a negotiable price.
He is currently a Brodhead Bancshares, Inc. shareholder.
Please contact him by phone:  608-751-4621or email:

03/04/2024.  Joel Knudson wants to buy 100 shares at a negotiable price.
He is currently a Brodhead Bancshares, Inc. shareholder. 
Please contact him phone:  262-894-2395 or email: 
03/07/2024.  Jennifer Morgan wants to buy 10 shares at a negotiable price.
She is currently a Brodhead Bancshares, Inc. shareholder. 
Please contact her by email: 

Wanting to Sell Stock

None at this time.