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Online Banking Login APPLY FOR A LOAN

Helping you get familiar with Online Bill Pay


Online Bill Pay is a pretty easy to understand product.  The link below will take you to several quick tutorials to help get you started using Online Bill Pay.

Click Here


Once you arrive at the page it will ask for the Institution or Partner ID.  Type in the number 41217 and click Login.


On the right side of the screen toward the top click on the "Training" link that has the little cog next to it.

Look for "Consumer Bill Pay Get Started Demos" and click "See More"


Click the top link, "View the Consumer Bill Pay get started demo"


From here you'll be able to view each one of the videos.


A little note about Making Payments vs Transfers:
When you pay a Bill or an "individual" the default limits are $1000 per payment and $2000 per day.
These are more for paying bills or sending money to friends or family.
When you Transfer funds in Bill Pay the default limits are $2500 per transaction and $2500 per day.
When you do a transfer the system assumes that's your account so it doesn't ask you things like name and address.
These limits can be changed upon customer request and bank approval.