IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO READ BEFORE YOU BEGIN! This information explains your obligations under your Internet Banking Service Agreement. You should carefully read the following before accessing your accounts.

Authorization to Access Accounts. Online Banking is a service provided solely to Bank of Brodhead customers. Online Banking does not permit you to make electronic transfers to third persons or authorize any other person to make deposits to or withdrawals from your accounts. Access is limited to you as an account holder and you are responsible for the Access ID and Password. However, we strongly suggest that you carefully protect your secure access at all times and change your Password on a regular basis to prevent any unauthorized access to your accounts.

Information and Account Disclosures. As a Bank of Brodhead customer, the account information and disclosure you received when you opened your accounts remains in full force and effect. All of the bank’s regular rules, restrictions, fees and charges will apply to all transactions you initiate while connected to your accounts.

Limitation of Liability. Bank of Brodhead is not responsible for any mistake or loss resulting from the disclosure of your Access ID and Password. Any transaction performed through Online Banking by any person authorized to have access to your accounts is legally binding upon you to the same extent that such transaction could have been performed by you in person, by mail, telephone, or other communication to the bank. In addition, Bank of Brodhead is not responsible for transactions which occur between your accounts under the following examples:

  • If, through no fault of our own, you do not have sufficient funds to complete the transfer.
  • If your funds are subject to legal process or other restriction at any time prior to the transaction.
  • If circumstances beyond our control prevent the accurate completion of your transactions.

Incorrect Transaction. TELL US AT ONCE if, for any reason, a banking transaction is not completed as expected. In the event you believe that there has been a mistake or if you have any questions concerning a transaction, contact us immediately at:

Bank of Brodhead, P.O. Box 108, Brodhead, WI 53520-0108, Telephone: (608) 897-2121

We will provide you with complete information concerning your rights and responsibilities for electronic transactions. If you believe there has been an unauthorized transfer from your accounts, you should follow the instruction you received at the time you opened the account.

Authorization and Agreement:
By signing on, entering my Access ID and Password, and accessing Online Banking, I hereby authorize Bank of Brodhead to perform the transactions I request. I agree that my first use of online services through Online Banking will acknowledge receipt of the information and instructions for using these services and signify my acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement.


Member FDIC
Member FDIC
Bank of Brodhead
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