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What do I need to start using internet banking?

First, you will need to fill out and print the Online Banking Application. Then you need to visit your Customer Service Representative at the Bank o f Brodhead to set up access to Online Banking.

You will also need Internet access using Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater with 128-bit strong encryption or Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or greater with 128-bit strong encryption. 

For best results, your screen resolution should be set to 800 x 600 Resolution.

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Is internet banking with Online Banking secure?

The server that stores your Bank of Brodhead account information uses Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL).  This security encrypts the data sent making it difficult to see your information.  In other words, your information is sent in a scrambled format.   To ensure that the information is being sent from a secure server, the address will start with https://  rather than http:// and you will notice that you are receiving the information from an SSL server securely if you see a closed padlock at the bottom of your screen like this: Closed padlock

Using 128-bit encryption technology scrambling your information, it would take a computer dedicated to doing nothing else many years to unscramble.  We require that Internet Explorer browsers use the 128-bit high encryption pack option for the strongest security available.

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I'm a current Online Banking user. Why can't I Log In?

Online Banking requires that your computer's browser utilize 128-bit encryption for your security, and the connection will be automatic within the United States.  However, the connection will not be automatic outside of the U.S.; Internet Explorer will need the 128-bit high encryption pack option for the strongest security available.

The security feature for Online Banking ensures that you are the only one who knows your password.  Online Banking will consider you a "First Time User" until you go through the process of changing your password at least once. If you have an old bookmark or "favorites" link to access Online Banking, you will need to update your Online Banking link.  Enter through the "Log In Online Banking" button on Homepage .

Your Access ID is case sensitive.  If you used any capital letters in setting up your Access ID, you must capitalize those same letters every time you enter your Access ID.   If you are entering the right Access ID and Password and you're still not able to access Online Banking, check if your Caps Lock button is activated.

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After I log on to Online Banking, what should I do first?

Welcome! Once you're logged in to your accounts, there isn't any right or wrong thing to do first.  The "Password" button makes it very easy to change your password, and we encourage you to make a habit of changing it often for your own security. 

Once you are logged in, the screen will display "My Accounts" with a listing of your accounts.  You can view each of them in more detail by clicking on the corresponding account number.   Clicking on an account number will bring the "Balances" screen.  Just click on the other available buttons to see the different types of information now available to you.

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What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forget this password, contact our Customer Service Department at 608-897-2121 during regular business hours to receive a new temporary password. 

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When do my banking transactions appear on Online Banking?

"Current Business Day" transactions are pending transactions.  Deposits made at Bank of Brodhead, ACH, debit card, and ATM card transactions make up the majority of these entries.

It is important to note that these transactions reflect certain types of account activity and, may or may not, be posted to your account at the end of the business day. For example, if you purchase an item from a merchant using your debit card, a verification transaction is sent to your account to see if you have enough money for the purchase. This verification appears as a pending transaction until the end of the business day. Another transaction is sent to your account when the merchant processes the actual purchase. In some cases, the verification and the actual transaction will appear as pending transactions on the same day. Only one of these will post to your account.

Furthermore, merchants are not consistent in the way they send verification transactions to your accounts. Some will verify for the exact dollar amount of the purchase while others will round up to the nearest dollar or five-dollar increment. Some restaurants, for example, will add 15% to the verification amount to cover an expected tip. This amount is for verification only and should not be written down in your ledger as the actual transaction amount.

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What are "Memo Posted Debits"?

When you write out checks that are cashed by others who do not bank with Bank of Brodhead, the total amount of those checks will appear in a group as "Memo Posted Debits".  As Bank of Brodhead pays them, they will appear under your "Current Statement" as individual checks and their corresponding amounts.

Transactions that we receive, but have not been run through the bank yet, are listed in a group as "Memo Posted Debits".  This is found in the "Current Business Day" section of the transaction menu.   This is the most up-to-the-second balance of your account.

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How can I be certain that a transfer I set up will happen?

One time transfer. You can rest assured when you receive a Confirmation Number that your "One Time Transfer"  occurred.  We recommend that you print the page with your Confirmation Number on it.  (Write down the Confirmation Number and transfer information if printing is not possible.)  If you have any questions about this transaction, we will need this Confirmation Number in order to help you.

You will be able to view the transfers by choosing the "Transactions" button for each of the saving or deposit accounts and looking at the "Current Business Day".  A transfer made from a deposit account will appear immediately, however the payment made to a loan account will appear only after the nightly bank processing update.

New Scheduled Transfers.  The details of your transfers that were set up using the "New Scheduled Transfer" button will appear by choosing the "Transfer" button under the account the transfer will be coming from.

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How do I cancel a one-time transfer?

One time transfers are "real time" meaning once you submit your transfer request, it affects the balance. To "undo" the transfer, you have to reverse the transfer.  That is, to "reverse" a transfer you just made of $100.00 from your checking account to your savings account, you would now need to transfer the same amount of $100.00 from your savings account back to your checking account.  (Note the banking regulations for Savings and Money Market Accounts allow for a maximum of six (6) electronic transfers each month.)

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How do I cancel a scheduled transfer?

Scheduled transfers are not "real time", that is, they go into effect during the nightly banking update. So, if a transfer is scheduled for the current business day, you can still change it before the update. Turning the scheduled number to zero will cancel any transfer. 

View your scheduled transfers to be held in the future on each account using the "Transfer" button.  To modify a transfer, click on the link to the account you wish to change.   It will open the transfer details you had set up.  To cancel the scheduled transfer, change the remaining transfers to zero, or make other changes you wish.   Choose "Update Transfer Information". 

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When I get large amounts in my accounts, why can't I see all of the numbers?

For best viewing, your screen resolution should be set to 800 x 600. 

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Why can't I see my spouse's account?

Your password allows you access to the accounts which you are an owner or signer.  If you are not able to view an account which you believe you should be able to see, contact Bank of Brodhead's Customer Service Department at 608-897-2121 during regular business hours for assistance. If you are not an owner or signer on an account, you will not be given access to that account.

If you are not an owner or signer on an account, you will not be given access to that account.  For example, if your spouse holds an account in his or her own name, you will not be able to view it in your household accounts.

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Can I use Online Banking with my Excel or Microsoft Money?

You can export your transaction information from Online Banking.  First select the account you wish to export the information from.  Select the "Transactions Menu", then in the "Transaction Search" area enter any specific detail to export (or leave it blank to export all available information) then choose "Export". 

You will be able to select the format that your financial software accepts:  Comma Separated File (.CSV), or Microsoft Money (OFX).  When you are using your financial software, Excel or Microsoft Money, for example, you can use their import function to bring in the Online Banking information file that was exported. 

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